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Welcome to Level Bedded, where we offer laser cut and 3D printed Tabletop Gaming Accessories. With a range of customizable options, we hope to provide something for every RPG, board game and card game lover.

All of these products and more are available on our Etsy store.

For our dice, please click the photo below.


Player Cases - D&D Storage

Available: Plain, D20 & Customizable 

D20 Inlay.png

Walnut Inlay Player Cases

Available: D20 & Dragons Designs


Rolling Tray - Built in Storage

Available: Felt, Leather & Leather D20

Level Bedded - Dice Bags_2_edited.png

Leather Customizable Bags

Available: a variety of colours

Cork Bags_1.png

Druid Collection Cork Bags

Available: Red, Blue & Green

Dice Vault.png

Dice Vaults - Leather Strap

Available: Blue, Red, Brown & Grey


D&D - Pirate Ship Kit

Magnetic, dismantlable ship kit


D&D - Merchant Ship Kit

Magnetic, dismantlable ship kit


Viking Boat Kit

With 1" square score detail

Dungeons and Dragons - Cart-3.jpg

D&D Wagon Kit

With changeable tops & horses


Cabin - Wagon Expansion kit

A wagon top expansion kit

Row Boat_1.png

D&D Row Boat Kit

With 1" square score detail


Potion of Healing - Solo set

D&D - Greater potion of healing

Adventurers kit_2.png

Potion of Healing - Adventurers

D&D - Single & Greater Potions

Dungeoneers  -kit_2.png

Potion of Healing - Dungeoneers

D&D - Superior & Supreme Potions

Large potion set_2.png

Potion of Healing - Party Set

D&D - One of each potion in the kit

Small Potion group_1 copy.png

Potion of Healing - Single Potions

Available: Potion of healing & Greater

Large potion group_1 copy.png

Potions of Healing - Single Potions

Available: Superior & Supreme singles


Dice Rolling Tower - With Tray

Available: Scale & Dragon design


Dice Rolling Tower - Folding

Available: Scale & Dragon design


Dice Jail - With working hinge

Available: Plain, Crit 1, F*** & Custom

Dice Rack_1.png

Polyhedral Dice Rack - Storage

Available: 3 levels & 2 levels

Dice Rack_4.png

D20 Dice Rack - Storage

Available: 3 Levels & 2 Levels

Small Paint Rack - 1.jpg

Wooden Paint Rack

Flat packed wooden paint holder


Life Counter - Leather Deck Box

Available: Plain & Customizable


Leather top - Deck box

Available: Plain & Customizable

Product Photo social media_4.png

Leather Strap Keyrings

Available: D20 & Potion designs


Dragon Castle - T-shirts

Available: Purple & Black colours


Dragon Art - A3 Poster 

Without Frame - Art By Veerle Zandstra


Dragon Art - Postcards

Art by Veerle Zandstra

Pin Collection.png

For our pins, please click the photo below.

Miniautre Collection.png

For our Miniature, please click the photo below.

Level Bedded Banner.jpg
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