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Wagons - Canvas:

Tired of walking day in day out across the vast wilderness, for ever being cut off by bandits and court off guard by willow wisps in the dead of nice. Why not ride in the comfort of your very own wagon.

This is our laser cut Dungeons and Dragons wagon and horses. The cover section of the wagon is magnetically fixed allowing for fast and easy assembly and disassembly. The wagons come with movable wheels and rotating front axle and can gold up to 6 miniatures at a time. 
 The two horses are resin 4D printed and come primed ready for painting.

Set Includes: 

1x Base Wagon
1x Wagon top cover (canvas frame)
2x Resin 3D printed horse figures
Extras: We're please to offer our new Cabin addition. 

This Cabin magnetically connects to the base wagon set. When ordering this as an extra to the main wagon, you'll get the following.

1x Base Wagon
1x Wagon top cover (canvas frame)
1x Wagon top cover (Extra cabin frame)
2x Resin 3D printed horse figures
ALSO NOTE: These wagons come flat packed with instructions on how to assemble. If you do not receive any instructions with your order or have trouble putting your wagons together, please contact us and we can help you in any way we can or send you a digital copy of the instructions. 

WE'RE GOING PAPERLESS! This means we won't be posting a receipt with your order. If you would like a receipt, please feel free to message us and we will email one to you.

Dungeons and Dragons Wagon with Horses

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