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This is our laser cut Dungeons and Dragons Pirate Ship. All the sections of the boat are magnetically fixed allowing for fast and easy assembly and disassembly. The ship has three floors (all 1 inch grid), a mast with crows nest, hinged trap doors to the lower decks, free standing cannons and a snap on plank. This is a great map and table top feature for any sea loving adventures and DM's alike.

Set Includes:

1x Base Boat
1x Decorative Bow (Pirate skull)
1x Detachable Plank
1x Detachable Anchor
4x Miniature Cannons

This measures approximately - Length 450mm X Width 150mm X Height 250mm

ALSO NOTE: The Boat comes flat packed with instructions on how to assemble (If you do not receive any instructions with your order, please just contact us and we can send you a digital copy).

To save on paper we won't be posting a receipt with your order. If you would like a receipt, please feel free to message us and we will email one to you.

Dungeons and Dragons Pirate Ship

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