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NOTICE: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we here at Level Bedded have decided to keep our store open and will do our best to work through orders as safely as we can but we will be limiting the number of postal trips we make to twice a month. This means your orders may take a little longer than usual to get to you. Anyone who has already ordered with us, please bear with us we are trying to get your order to you as quickly and safely as we can.

Thank you for your continuing support and please stay safe.

Many thanks
Takara and David


Looking for an easy way to access or display your dice? Well our dice rack is was you need, it can display up to 3 sets of dice and each cut away shape is designed to perfectly hold each of your dice.

Order from left to right:

d20, d12, percentile dice, d10, d8, d6, d4

Measures: 171mm (L) x 93mm (W) x 33mm (H)

WE'RE GOING PAPERLESS! This means we won't be posting a receipt with your order. If you would like a receipt, please feel free to message us and we will email one to you.

Dice display rack

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