Other Services

CAD Modelling

Our CAD services include 3D Studio Max, Zbrush and Fusion 360. If you're looking to have a product or an idea CAD modeled, please contact us and we will be happy to advice you on the best program for your needs.

Please be aware, we currently do not sell original files, but are happy to sell renders, 3D prints or laser cut parts.


Our sculpting services include character busts, full character sculpts and custom models. These can be sculpted in a number of different materials, such as Monster Clay, WED clay and sculpey. The type of clay will be determined by the type of project. We are also able to mould and cast finished sculpts in order to produce resin copies. Please contact us for more information.


Model Making

Our architectural services include small to medium fully detailed models, simple sketch model  and stylized architectural inspired pieces. These can be made using a number of different materials which we will happily discuss with you. 


Please be aware that detailed models will most likely require architectural plans in order to be as accurate as possible.