3D Printing

Filament Printing

Our Ultimaker original plus is great for producing low cost, larger scale prints. With a printing area of 210mm deep by 210mm wide by 205mm high. It is the perfect machine for creating fast and light weight props, model pars and simple prototypes.

Resin Printing

We are happy to announce we now have our new resin printer. This printer will allow us to produce small, high quality, detailed prints. With a printing area of 68mm deep by 120mm wide by 150mm high. The applications for this printer include custom miniatures, strong and detailed prototypes, as well as machine grade parts. 

Project in mind?

If you're interested in using any of our 3D printers as part of a project, we are more than happy to help. Whether it be creating and developing a new product from scratch or as part of a project you're already working on. Please contact us for more information and to discuss your idea in more detail.

3D printing filaments - we always try to make sure the filament we buy is recycled.